Our Services

  • Blast Cleaning

    Grit blasting for the removal of coatings, corrosion and millscale. Sand blasting is the ideal solution for many architectural applications. Aluminium Oxide Blasting is a low pressure system for delicate projects and components.Read more

    • Aluminium Oxide Blasting
    • Grit Blasting
    • Sand Blasting
    Timber trailer grit blast and 2 pack paint finish
  • Powder Coating

    A tough, long lasting finish ideal for internal and external applications. Read more

    • Vehicle Restorations
    • Workshop Painting
    box section framers, blasted, powder primed and powder top coated in our 8m oven.
  • Wet Painting

    Airless Paint Spraying is a high pressure, high strength and solid industrial coating. HVLP Spraying is a conventional spray technology for high level finishes.Read more

    • Airless Paint Spraying
    • HVLP Spraying
  • Metal Spraying

    The alternative to hot dip galvanized without the heat distortion. Read more

    • Thermal Metal Spraying
    • Zinc Metal Spraying
    Metal Spraying for Eden Project
  • Small Items

    We cater for all sizes and types of work i.e. railings, gates and garden furniture, specialising in agricultural equipment and large structural steel... Read more

    • Alloys
    • Bicycles
    • Chairs
    • Outdoor furniture
    • Railings
    • Sculptures